Post Planking: Don’t Let That Electrical Outlet Sit Recessed!

Okay, so you’re done planking your kitchen. Awesome. What next? Probably, a short breather and then to cooking something yummy and delicious, right?

Well, umm… there’s something that you need to come and see here:

Notice that electrical outlet? Yup, that one, right there—recessed into the planked kitchen wall?

You must fix it before thinking about doing anything else.

First, it’s really making your kitchen wall look ugly. Second, it’s unsafe to just leave it as is. Third, it’s violating the NEC code, which can result in you paying a hefty fine to your local or state government.

But what can you do to fix it?

Fixing the recessed electrical outlet

Cutting the planks around the outlet is obviously one solution. However, while it will flush the electrical outlet with the wall surface, it will still make your “planked wall” look untidy.

There are certainly ways though, through which you can cover up that “cut out” area of the wall, but only to an extent.

Is there another solution?

Alternatively, you can use an electrical box extender to extend the recessed electrical outlet. In fact, we’d suggest you go for this solution rather than making a cut into your newly planked kitchen walls.

How electrical box extenders work?

Basically, an electrical box extender is installed on top of an existing outlet box, which makes the outlet extend outwards and flushes it with the wall surface.

Easy, peasy!

There are two types of electrical box extenders currently available in the market: metal and plastic.

Plastic electrical box extenders are best because they don’t need to be grounded and are also easy (and safe) to install.

While shopping for an electrical box extender, we will recommend that you buy the one that’s UL-listed.

A UL-listed electrical box extender is of the highest quality and offers excellent fire resistance and durability.

How to install an electrical box extender for your recessed electrical outlet?

You can find a step-by-step guide here for installing an electrical box extender. In case, if you have any other questions, you can reach out to us for help.

Happy DIY fixing!

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