Why You Should Only Use UL Listed Switch Box Extenders

When shopping for a switch box extender, many consumers overlook the importance of UL listing, and instead prioritize other considerations such as make, configuration, size, depth and color. While all these specifications are undoubtedly important to choosing the right switch box extender for your application, ensuring that the extender is UL-listed is equally important for making the right purchase.

In case if you’re wondering how a UL listing mark appears on a product, below is an example for your reference:

Okay, but what is exactly “UL listing”

UL listing is basically a certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories, which indicates that the certified product has been manufactured in compliance with the standards set out by the Underwriters Laboratories for that particular category of product.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a non-profit organization that has been around for over 100 years. It specializes in product safety testing and is highly regarded in the global marketplace. It also specifies installation standards for certain products in the field.

Why UL-listed switch box extenders?

UL-listed switch box extenders are produced to the highest standards of quality. They offer excellent resistance to fire and electrical shocks, two properties that are must have for switch box extender installations.

In eleven simple words: UL-listed switch box extenders are built for performance, durability and safety.

Where to buy UL-listed switch box extenders?

Currently, there are only a handful of manufacturers that sell UL-listed switch box extenders in the market.

While you can search for a UL-listed switch box extender at your local hardware store, Gadget Mania Inc. makes the process easy for you by selling UL-listed switch box extenders online.

Our patented switch box extender line, ReceptXtenders,offers non-metallic switch box extenders in four colors: blue, green, yellow and black. You can shop from multiple size and depth options and choose an extender that best fits your application.

Made from premium-grade,non-flammable and self-extinguishing plastic, our switch box extenders are compatible with both metal and plastic electrical boxes. This makes our switch box extenders one of the first non-metallic extenders to have the coveted UL listing.

What’s more?

Our switch box extenders utilize a simple mounting method for installation, making them extremely easy to install for electricians as well as DIY home remodelers.

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