Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Box Extenders [And Their Answers]

In the market for high quality electrical box extenders?

This blog will address seven common questions asked about electrical box extenders to help you better understand these nifty devices.

1)When are electrical box extenders required?

Whenever you’ve a recessed electrical box that needs fixing, a box extender offers a convenient solution. This can be after installing:

  • Tiles on your existing wall
  • Drywall on your existing wall
  • Planks on your existing wall

2) How do electrical box extenders work?

Electrical box extenders fit snugly around an existing electrical box, adding depth to the installation. This way, they extend the box outwards to provide a flushed finish and sealed enclosure with the wall surface.

3) How many types of electrical box extenders are there?

There are mainly two types of electrical box extenders: plastic electrical box extenders and metal electrical box extenders. Of the two, plastic electrical box extenders are usually preferred by electricians and DIY home remodelers alike. The reason? They are easier to install and offer protection against potential arcing.

4) Do electrical box extenders need to be grounded?

It depends. A metal electrical box extender should always be grounded to prevent shocks or sparks. On the other hand, a plastic electrical box extender does not need to be grounded because of its non-conducting nature.

5)Do electrical box extenders need to be installed by an electrician?

Not necessarily. Electrical box extenders are designed for easy installation and can be installed without the help of an electrician. However, it’s always better to hire an electrician for any type of electrical work, including when installing a box extender, to avoid injuries.

6)What is the difference between 1-gang and 2-gang electrical box extenders?

The term “gang” basically refers to the number of available spaces for switches on an electrical box extender. So 1-gang electrical box extenders support one switch, while 2-gang electrical box extenders support two switches.

7)Is it worth spending extra money on UL-listed electrical box extenders?

While there isn’t really a huge price difference between non UL-listed electrical box extenders and UL-listed electrical box extenders, when ordering in bulk, this small price difference can quickly add up. Still, we’d advise using UL-listed electrical box extenders for your project,since these extenders are designed for maximum performance, durability and safety.

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